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The Zebra Nude Experience by Nikosono

31 May 2017, Posted by Editor in Art

THE ZEBRA NUDE EXPERIENCE BY NIKOSONO Over a major part of my life spent in France, I have built up my portfolio with black and white analog photos printed into a dark room. Once, I have been an assistant at the Rapho Agency, Paris (home…


The Complaints Department by Dan Nielsen

31 May 2017, Posted by Editor in Short Fiction

THE COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT Edgar Manx managed the Complaints Department at Goldblatt’s. He had an office with a window and a secretary. “Miss Evans, take a letter.” Kathy Evans scowled and made an irritated sound. She pushed the roller chair away from her desk, stood, straightened…


Poetry Reading: The Work of Yun Wang

31 May 2017, Posted by Editor in Poetry

POETRY READING: THE WORK OF YUN WANG AM: Let us hear a little bit about what your inspirations are and how you end up with a poem.   YW: My greatest inspiration has always been nature. A good fraction of my poems came to me while I…


The Bridges to April by Susan Elbe

29 May 2017, Posted by Editor in Poetry

THE BRIDGES TO APRIL 1   We’ve all got coughs, January rattles that won’t quit. Our necks wrapped in warm scarves against the cold night, we trail one by one into the ill-lit bar. Some let oysters and cold beer slide down their raw throats….


Art Feature: The Work of Vera Fonseka

19 May 2017, Posted by Editor in Art

ART FEATURE: THE WORK OF VERA FONSEKA I was born in the Ex Soviet Union, in Tallinn, in 1982. In 2003 I emigrated to Lisbon, Portugal, where I took the degree in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, in Lisbon. Currently my biggest production…


Towards Immateriality: The Photographs of David Conison

18 May 2017, Posted by Editor in Art

TOWARDS IMMATERIALITY I. History –I came to photography late. I trained as a theater and opera director, but eventually I left frustrated that the images I wanted to create on the darkness of the stage could not be realized. –The theater I used to make…


Art Feature: The Medrano Family Circus by Gianluigi Di Napoli

17 May 2017, Posted by Editor in Art

ART FEATURE: THE MEDRANO FAMILY CIRCUS BY GIANLUIGI DI NAPOLI           About the Artist: Gianluigi Di Napoli gives the famous Medrano family circus a great entrance on the stage of his remarkable black-and-white photography, drawing us into the enchanting spot-lit world…


Apranihita: Haibun by Angelee Deodahr

16 May 2017, Posted by Editor in Fiction

APRANIHITA I travel to the ashram to visit with those teachers and friends whose voices or silences leave me refreshed. As we walk down to the river for sun worship, some talk about their lives and loves, others about their work and families. I walk…


Art Feature: The Work of Dorthe Meyer

16 May 2017, Posted by Editor in Art

ART FEATURE: THE WORK OF DORTHE MEYER   GUCCI fantasy. Window display at GUCCI store 5th avenue New York. I got fascinated by the creative lush decoration and deliberately used the reflection of the opposite building to show that we are among skyscrapers in the…


Art credit for header image: “Making the Most of the Night” by Chris Rivera


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