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Art credit: “The Floater” by Chris Rivera


Abstract: Contemporary Expressions


Vision Statement:

Abstract is a broad concept publication that offers a range of satisfying aesthetic experiences made available through electronic media. Abstract has as its primary ambition to gather, publish, and popularize notable contemporary writing and fine arts and to promote the work of its contributors to a varied and discerning international audience. To serve that end, Abstract maintains a systematic, innovative, and powerful presence across social media.

Abstract offers its audience the opportunity to sample an array of artistic expressions presented by both emerging and established contemporary artists, writers, musicians, and videographers from around the world.


Abstract was founded in 2016 in New Delhi, India, by S. Jolly, a serial entrepreneur with many successful business ventures to his credit, including schools, hotels, and commercial real estate. His latest enterprise received “Most Promising Education Brand in India” at the Brand India Summit in 2016.


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