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A Hundred Years in the Basement by Gary Galsworth

16 Jun 2017, Posted by Editor in Poetry

A HUNDRED YEARS IN THE BASEMENT   The lights don’t reach the far corners of this basement. And a puddle has formed near the back stairs. Through the window well you hear rain dripping off the roof.   Me. I’m knee-deep in the litter and…


Inji Tea by Gary Galsworth

15 Jun 2017, Posted by Editor in Poetry

INJI TEA   Washing tea bowls random drops brighten a worn floor   About the author: Gary Galsworth is from the New York City area. After the Marine Corps, he studied visual arts in Chicago and New York City. He became a professional plumber and…


Olson’s by Roger Soffer

14 Jun 2017, Posted by Editor in Poetry

OLSON’S   At last our lunch at the Swedish deli, all formica and marble and the clatter of dishes, pickles, mustard, fresh-baked rye and your eyes that I once thought looked past time but now at 12 o’clock, flit, and I am like you, we…


Revolution by Irene O’Garden

13 Jun 2017, Posted by Editor in Poetry

REVOLUTION We learn revolution as a one-time trauma, with drum, with anthem, shouts and shocks and falling guillotine, yet, too, the clock revolves. The year revolves. The natural order revolves, the power of beauty revolves away the power of parents revolves away the power of…


Never Again by Thomas Elson

12 Jun 2017, Posted by Editor in Fiction

NEVER AGAIN “John, come in and eat. You’ll be late for your meeting,” said his wife. “Ja, Ja. I know,” said John who continued to stand on the porch and pondered his options. “I’m waiting for Lawrence”. John braced as if expecting the Great Plains…


The Ascension: Haibun by Peter Newton

05 Jun 2017, Posted by Editor in Uncategorized

THE ASCENSION He woke on his last day with the palpable feeling of being an astronaut at lift-off.   Under an esplanade of leaves all moving at once through the nearly invisible hospital sheers he recognized the slow brilliance, a warmth pulsing in complete command…


Fragments: Haibun by Paresh Tiwari

02 Jun 2017, Posted by Editor in Short Fiction

FRAGMENTS One by one we throw a handful of sandalwood dust on the funeral pyre. There is nothing much to say and a damp stillness hangs heavy over the pale morning. In the end, it’s just nine maunds of wood for his sixty-eight summers, for the…


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